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As a foreign construction company, entering the Swedish market for the first time can be daunting.

Neffi helps you plan and carry out your Swedish construction project from start to finish. Company setup, legal & tax-advice, cost analysis, help with unions, accounting, and finding suppliers & service providers.

Carry out your Swedish construction projects with confidence

Accepting a construction project offer in Sweden without thorough preparation and understanding of how the sector operates can end in disaster.

I take a holistic approach in assessing the profitability and risk of your project in relation to your specific situation.

Typical issues I can assist with

  • Setting up a Swedish company or registering a foreign company in Sweden.
  • Assessing whether the company will have a permanent establishment.
  • Help sign a collective bargaining agreement and explain the contents.
  • Handling income tax, social tax, contracts, and posting details for the workers crossing the Swedish border.
  • Providing accounting services, including payroll, tax declaration, and annual reporting.
  • Assisting in negotiations with clients, unions, and government departments.
  • Connecting with a wide network of well-known suppliers in the construction sector offering discounts from the get-go.


I offer a wide variety of administrative supporting services tailored to suit the specific needs of the foreign construction contractor working in Sweden.

This 3-phase service is designed to support foreign contractors taking on their first project in Sweden. The package is tailored for each client’s specific needs and aims to prepare you for all stages of carrying out your construction project in Sweden. Thorough and timely preparation mitigates risks, makes cost calculation predictable and ensures compliance to regulation. This in turn leads to a stellar reputation in the Swedish market and an easier time to take on new projects. Below are some examples of the key issues that this service package solves:

  • Analyzing project potential to ensure it is economically viable.
  • Determining which collective bargaining agreement is needed and familiarizing yourself with the content.
  • Handling employee documentation, taxation, payroll settings and conditions based on the project specifics, collective bargaining agreement terms, and your company’s unique circumstances.

A 1–2-hour consultation can save you hundreds of hours doing your own research and ensure the information you receive is accurate. Most foreign contractors have the same questions and face the same situations. Below are some common questions they have. The first consultation is always free.

  • Is it better to establish a Swedish department or a separate Swedish company?
  • What tax obligations and possibilities are there in Sweden?
  • What are the terms of collective bargaining agreements?
  • I have a potential project offer on the table. Should I proceed?

Accounting is vital to keep track of your company’s health and reliability. I offer full-service accounting for your construction business in Sweden. Starting from day-to-day accounting to compiling annual reports, I can assist with all your accounting needs. Below are some examples of my services:

  • Accounts Payable and Receivable.
  • Payroll.
  • Tax declarations. VAT, employer taxes, CIT, others.
  • Monthly and yearly consolidation of accounts.
  • Recurring monthly financial reports, balance sheet, income statement.

Due to my long-standing working experience in the Swedish construction sector, I have accumulated a wealth of useful contacts. As a client of Neffi, you would naturally gain access to this network. By investing less than an hour of your time, you will gain access to a wide network of well-known Swedish suppliers of construction materials and services.

Being a part of this network gives you access to pricing lists usually reserved for the big construction companies. A new client will reduce their net construction costs by 30% on average. Below are some of the suppliers in this network:

Being an expert in one area is good. Being an expert in one area and being decent in many other areas is even better. Having a basic understanding of many key areas in business helps you to see the world through a wider lens. It helps you make better, quicker, and more informed decisions because you can see how these decisions affect all areas of your business, not just the ones you excel in.

I enjoy working with the numbers and regulation side of construction immensely. When there is demand for it, I like to share some of that knowledge with my clients, to help them gain more control of their business.

Presently, I offer a course teaching basic accounting & financial analysis for business owners. The course will teach you to understand the numbers of your business, and where these numbers come from. You will be able to ask for time-relevant information and have a closer working relationship with your accountant.

Is your company going through a situation when you need immediate backup to your finance department? Then hiring an interim accountant might be the solution for you. By having extensive experience of working in accounting firms, I am equipped to quickly get on board with your specific work processes. I can fill various roles ranging from junior accountant to CFO in smaller companies. Below are examples of situations when you might need an interim accountant:

  • Seasonal increases in workload.
  • Employees going on parental leave or sick leave.
  • Temporary need for managing day-to-day activities while a new role is being filled.

With you from start to finish


Proper counselling and a holistic approach

When we needed to hire foreign subcontractors to carry out renovation work on our properties, Ott helped us plan the project from start to finish. This included making cost analyses of quotes and a budget. Ott helped us find a solution that suited us while conducting due diligence on the company we chose to use. He ensured that our supplier had correct company registrations, tax decisions and contracts for their employees. Throughout the project, he also followed up on accounting and taxes to ensure that everything was correct.

Ott is a loyal, accurate and accessible consultant with integrity who I would highly recommend to anyone.
Andreas Jönsson
Owner of Mälarstranden Bostäder AB

Prompt assistance and consistent feedback on progress

Occasionally we need assistance with solving Sweden-related issues. Ott has immediate solutions and is able to explain even complex topics in a simple way. Things tend to move slowly in Sweden, but Ott keeps us up to date with the status of the proceedings and doesn’t leave us in the dark. I highly recommend him!
Mario Mäekivi
Board Member of Maru THM OÜ

Check out the blog

In my blog I describe in detail many of the typical situations that foreign construction companies face. Maybe you have faced some of them yourself or you wish to avoid typical mistakes when entering the Swedish construction sector.

Helsingborg City Hall in Sweden

Ott Kerstna – Founder

“The Swedish construction sector is a market with huge potential for improvement.”
What prevents it from achieving greatness is, among other things, a very inflexible rules system. Both Swedish and foreign construction companies want to work with each other but are hindered by the regulation.
My aim is to be the facilitator of business relationships between foreign and Swedish construction companies to help build long-lasting relationships based on trust, transparency, and a common goal.