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Welcome to my website

About me

My name is Ott Kerstna and I love creating order and playing strategy-based computer games. These qualities probably contribute to me finding accounting so fascinating. Accounting is so much more than punching numbers into a computer. Understanding the numbers and the principles of accounting allows us as entrepreneurs to be proactive in the business landscape and to drive our companies towards our business goals with correct and timely decisions. My desire is to help entrepreneurs put in place a strategy to fulfil their financial dreams and to keep them consistently informed so that as much as possible goes according to plan. In war, they say “no military plan survives contact with the enemy. That is never truer than when there is no plan to begin with.” So it is also in the business world.

I have 5+ years of working experience in Swedish accounting. Prior to accounting, I have worked in sales, logistics planning, in a bank, in a startup and other jobs. It is safe to say I have quite a varied work experience and this helps me to see companies as a whole and not to be overly attached to the practices and interests of one area/function. I grew up in Sweden and lived there for more than 20 years before I decided to move back to Estonia. Thanks to this, I am able to facilitate communication between Estonians and Swedes, as I am a citizen of both countries both in spirit and on paper. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a major in Financial Controlling from Stockholm University. When I returned to Estonia, the first thing I did was to volunteer for 11 months of military service, where I obtained the rank of junior sergeant, in the Kuperjanov mortar battery. I am fluent in Swedish, Estonian, and English.

During the last 4 years I have worked with a lot of companies from Estonia and other countries who want to do business in Sweden. Many of these companies are active in the construction sector, and through these experiences I have noticed that there are many bottlenecks in the construction sector where foreign companies need help. There are many questions and misunderstandings, both for the company itself and for Swedish clients who want to hire foreign subcontractors. In Sweden, collective bargaining agreements between trade unions and employers’ unions are a very central part of setting wages and working conditions. Collective bargaining agreements in the construction sector have not kept up with the times, and the terms of these agreements do not take into consideration the unique struggles and circumstances of foreign contractors. Based on these experiences, I decided to offer a specialised service to foreign construction companies in order to avoid catastrophic decisions and to make it easier and more worthwhile to operate in Sweden.

About the company

Neffi was founded with the aim of helping foreign companies to enter the Swedish market and conduct business there, sustainably, and confidently. By today the scope of this mission has narrowed down to helping construction companies exclusively. Neffi has become a diverse network of specialists and actors in the Swedish construction sector. Our combined expertise gives you in Neffi, a reliable one-stop-shop cooperation partner who can help you with most of your needs in the Swedish construction sector. We aim to make your expansion to Sweden smooth, predictable and worry-free.

My personal modus operandi is to be not only an accountant for the client but also a CFO and a partner who is proactive and acts as a sounding board. I am convinced that with-up-to date numbers and regularly conducted financial analysis, an entrepreneur can always be informed of the financial state of the business, enabling better decision making and problem prevention. I am committed to keeping your company’s numbers and paperwork up to date, and to ensuring that you receive consistent reports and explanations/proposals in a format which leaves you more time to engage in the company’s core activities.

In addition to accounting, I can help you navigate the rules of the Swedish construction industry. In my blog I share with you useful information on how the sector really works, such information that you can’t find simply by googling. I’ll help you decide in advance whether or not it is worthwhile to go ahead with a project, taking into account the price offered by the contractor and other requirements (such as collective bargaining agreements) that may affect the potential profitability of the project. Due to working with these issues the past 4 years, I have built up a useful network of contacts that will come in handy to any contractor. Through us, you can reach supplier contacts, relevant service providers and sometimes even new clients looking for foreign labour.