“Accounting is the language of business.”


Accountant services tailored specifically to construction companies.

Starting price: 750 SEK/h

As a foreign construction company it is very likely you will have some sort of obligation to document your business transactions in Sweden in the form of accounting. It can range from having to submit an annual statement detailing your projects in Sweden carried out with your domestic company, to managing a Swedish company and fulfilling all of the accounting requirements a Swedish company has.

My personal modus operandi is to be not only an accountant for the client but also a CFO and a partner who is proactive and acts as a sounding board. I am convinced that with-up-to date numbers and regularly conducted financial analysis, an entrepreneur can always be informed of the financial state of the business, enabling better decision making and problem prevention. I am committed to keeping your company’s numbers and paperwork up to date, and to ensuring that you receive consistent reports and explanations/proposals in a format which leaves you more time to engage in the company’s core activities.

Thanks to my extensive experience in the Swedish construction sector, I am able to provide accounting services in a way that is relevant to construction companies. I am used to dividing costs per project, handling payroll in a way that is compliant with collective bargaining agreements and advising my clients of potential risks in advance.

Each clients needs and work processes are different. It is possible to agree a fixed monthly fee, based on the workload.

Examples of services

  • Accounts Payable and Receivable.
  • Monthly and yearly consolidation of accounts.
  • Payroll.
  • Cashflow analysis.
  • Recurring monthly financial reports, balance sheet, income statement.
  • Tax declarations. VAT, employer taxes, CIT, others.
  • Reporting to unions and government departments.
  • Tax planning.
  • Preparation of employee documents, i.e. work contracts, tax card applications.
  • Project based accounting, percentage of completion method.
  • Annual reports and income declarations.
  • Assistance in audits.
  • Access to Swedish e-services with BankID through power of attorney.
  • ROT & RUT subsidy system set up and declarations.
  • Company creation and/or registration: F-tax, VAT, employer.
  • Serving as intendended recipient on a Swedish company board.
  • Setting up a Swedish company address.
  • Assistance with sales and liquidation of Swedish companies.