“Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

Full service – Project Sweden

The one-stop-shop solution for foreign contractors who have a project waiting in Sweden. You will receive an all-encompassing plan tailored to your specific Swedish project to ensure a smooth execution from start to finish.

Price range: 50 000 – 100 000 SEK

Working in the Swedish construction sector can be a sobering experience for many foreign contractors who are doing it for the first time. The offered prices are often higher than in the home country, but they come with a mountain of obligations. If you are not fully aware of the meaning, cost and consequences of said obligations you might be in for a rude awakening.

This service was developed to help both foreign and Swedish contractors to engage in mutually beneficial cooperations. Many projects require contractors to sign a collective bargaining agreement. This agreement brings with it a plethora of obligations. The design of these agreements are based on the situation of large construction companies as reference, which means that it may be difficult for smaller companies to comply to the terms. Large companies tend to have full-time employees who are familiar with collective agreements. Smaller companies do not have this opportunity. Add on top of this, the extra hurdles unique to foreign contractors that they must face and you have a potential minefield of regulations where a misstep can end in a profitable project becoming a losing one.

The trick to minimizing the risk of unexpected costs and disruptions is knowing in advance what they are and what causes them. For a foreign contractor, the realities of the sector are different compared to Swedish local contractors. In addition to having to know Swedish rules and practices, foreign contractors are also faced with regulation of their home country, new construction standards, additional compliance risks stemming from moving workers between countries, currency differences, language barriers and lack of a local network. All these parts create a complex whole.

My aim is to lay all aspects of the project in front of you in a clear and comprehensible manner, and help you choose the best setup for carrying out the project. I will help you strategically allocate resources to optimize overall returns by effectively balancing investments across different factors such as process simplification, risk management, worker satisfaction, and pricing negotation.

The price of the service depends on several factors:

  • Choice of company form with which to take on the project.
  • Type of collective bargaining agreement required.
  • Number of workers.
  • Complexity of worker rotation and expectations (tax residence, medical insurance, etc.)

To receive an estimated price quote, please leave a detailed description of your specific situation. You can also read the case studies below to get an idea of what factors determine the price.

As always you are welcome to request a free first consultation.

What the service includes

  • Analysis of the project offer from your Swedish client. Is the project economically viable?
  • Determining which collective bargaining agreement is needed and the best way to sign it.
  • Cost-analysis and risk assessment.
  • Comparing different company structures to ensure the most resource efficient execution of the project.
  • Connecting with Swedish suppliers to reduce construction material and service costs from day 1.
  • Based on the project and workforce characteristics, set up the best way to handle employee related issues. Rotation schedule, payroll settings, contracts, tax residence, social taxes, medical insurance.
  • Participating in client and union discussions.
  • Setting up new routines to ensure compliant payroll, minimum wage, reporting and accounting.
  • Sharing of best practices in the Swedish construction sector.
Three Yellow and Red Tower Cranes Under Clear Blue Sky

Price: 75 000 SEK

An Estonian welding company was hired to perform steel construction welding works for 1 year in the Northvolt project in Skellefteå. The company would provide 10 welding specialists for the duration of the year. The project type was a subcontract.

Welders is a wide term and there are several collective bargaining agreements that encompass welders. After discussions with the Swedish main contractor and unions, it was determined they would have to sign the Byggavtalet (Construction Agreement) with Byggnads (Swedish Construction Workers union). We also decided it would be best to start a separate Swedish company to accept this project.

When the company was set up, we created several cost models based on worker experience, salary preference, project workload and rotation possibilities. When the client chose a suitable working model, we arranged work contracts, ID06 cards and tax applications around it. By this point we had all the necessary documentation to apply for the Byggavtalet. In 8 weeks we were called to a signing meeting, and managed to successfully sign the agreement and on time.

  • Participation in meeting with Swedish client, to ensure both parties understood the terms equally. – 3 000 SEK
  • Procurement of ready-made Swedish company with necessary registrations (F-tax/VAT/employer). – 25 000 SEK
  • Laying out pay roll processes, taking into account workers net salary expectations, collective agreement minimum levels, cross-border tax regulation and daily allowances. – 16 000 SEK
  • Draft employment contracts & tax applications that comply with Swedish law and workers union regulations. – 7 500 SEK
  • Preparation of application and setting up meeting with Byggnads to sign the Byggavtalet agreement. – 7 500 SEK
  • Registering ID06 worksite personnel ledger account, health insurance agreement, Fora etc. – 3000 SEK
  • Participation in the agreement signing of the collective agreement on location. – 8000 SEK
  • Create a roadmap detailing key events for the whole duration of the project on a clear timeline. – 5000 SEK