“You can make money two ways – make more, or spend less”

Construction supplier network

Do you want to spend less? Check this out!

Are you planning to go to Sweden for the first time? Do you already have clients, or are you just starting to look for them? Are you a bit nervous about entering a foreign country, conquering new markets? We’re happy to tell you that we can make your start a little smoother.

As with any new business, you often start from scratch. In the Swedish construction sector, this means familiarising yourself with local suppliers, their offerings, and starting to work with them as an unknown customer. As a rule, unknown customers are not initially offered good terms. Starting any new venture is often a very time-consuming and costly process. Now imagine that in less than an hour you could make a decision that gives you access to pricing lists, normally reserved for the big construction companies, from more than 45 different suppliers. You don’t even have to contact them yourself and they would give you major discounts from day 1.

We can offer you a complete supplier network where you can find everything you need to build, from foundation to roof. This network consists of 45+ suppliers selling construction materials, plumbing goods, electrical goods, paint, concrete, doors, windows and much more. You can also buy workwear, tools, rent machinery, waste haulage services, and insurance. And to top it all off, we also offer discounted fuel prices.

This is an exceptional service that is completely free of charge and comes with no additional obligations. No gimmicks, hidden conditions, or penalties. Just a simple way to reduce your construction costs immediately and significantly. As a contractor, you have nothing to lose, only to gain.

Write to us in the contact form that you are interested in reducing your construction costs in Sweden. We will contact you and explain how the service works and how to join. It’s completely free.

Make your entry into the Swedish market easier.

Perks of joining the network

  • Access to company accounts with over 45 suppliers.
  • 30% reduced construction net costs on average.
  • Free of charge.
  • Combined range of products cover foundation to roof.
  • Spend less than an hour of your own time to register with vendors.
  • No physical meetings required.
  • Choose only the vendors you want.
  • No obligations, no fees, no hidden conditions.
  • The network has something for everyone.

Some of our suppliers