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Basic accounting & financial analysis for business owners – 12 000 SEK

The accounting obligation is governed by the Accounting Act (Bokföringslagen) and the Annual Accounts Act (Årsredovisningslagen). As the registered representative of your company, you are ultimately responsible for the quality and accuracy of the bookkeeping, even if the actual bookkeeping task is assigned to someone else, such as an employee or an accounting firm. Therefore, it is helpful if you know the basics of how accounting works and how to interpret financial reports showing your company’s figures. This ensures that you are not completely at the mercy of your accountant.

This course is aimed for business owners and project managers who deal with cost control, purchasing, or are in any way responsible for managing construction projects. The course will be divided into four weekly 3-hour lessons. The lessons will be held on weekends, outside of business hours. Each participant will be given access to a fictitious blank company in the accounting software Fortnox. In each lesson, I will explain 2-3 key concepts and illustrate the concepts in action by showing them in Fortnox. After the end of each lesson, the participants will be given a homework assignment which will have to be completed before the next lesson. I will check every assignment and give individual feedback to each participant before the next lesson.

By the end of the course, you will know the basic principles of accounting and how to read financial reports to make better decisions and monitor the health of your business. You will be able to request more relevant services from your accountant and be more proactive rather than reactive in managing your business.

Course summary

  • Learn and apply basic accounting skills.
  • Learn and apply principles of financial analysis.
  • Practice accounting for typical business transactions during a financial year using a fictitious construction company.
  • Gain tips specific to the construction sector.
  • Gain tips on best practices in accounting.
  • Acquire suggestions on how to set up cooperation with your accountant.
  • 1 month course. 1 lesson per week. Group lessons, home assignments and individual feedback.
Helsingborg City Hall in Sweden