“If you think hiring a professional is expensive wait until you hire an amateur.”

Interim consultant solutions

Fast solutions when you need unexpected backup in your finance department.

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There may be situations when you might need a temporary accounting consultant or CFO in your company. You may have periods of extra workload in the finance department, sick leave, parental leave, or an ongoing recruitment process. Neffi can help you fill temporary gaps in your finance department. I have worked mainly with small and medium-sized companies in various industries. This means that I am used to putting myself in new situations and quickly learn new industries, approaches and systems. You can hire me directly, or for your own customers if your business is the finding and renting out of interim consultants.

Do not hesitate to write in the contact form about the nature of your need to hire an interim consultant.

When you might need backup

  • You are expecting a temporary increase in workflow.
  • You need an immediate replacement for someone on parental leave or sick leave.
  • You need someone to manage a role while a permanent replacement is being found.
  • You need someone to look at your business with a fresh set of eyes and share their expertise with the staff.